Code of conduct

To make sure this is an equally important priority for the suppliers as it is for us, we work with individuals and factories that share the same ethos and outlook as Oneself+ and the team behind it.


Environment & Climate

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time. As much as any other organisation or individual on the planet, we have an interest in taking action to tackle this, and also a responsibility to do so.

We are gradually expanding our environmental goals and want to find the most energy efficient and sustainable way for all stages of our business.


Deadstock Material

We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world, and believe using deadstock material is a big part of that without compromising on quality, make and fit. 

This also means minimum units in each style and minimal time to purchase your unique piece. The clothing industries ethos must change and we at Oneself+ are dedicated to being a part of that change.